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Egress Window Cutting Based in Rexburg, Idaho

Egress windows are simply windows that are big enough to be used as an emergency exit and/or provide entrance for emergency personnel. They are designed to provide you and your loved ones with a means of escape or rescue during a fire or other emergency. Modern building codes require that all homes have egress windows in the basement and in all bedrooms throughout the house making egress window cutting services very important.

Professional Egress Window Cutting is a specialty service that Accurate Concrete Cutting and Drilling LLC is proud to offer. Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading the windows in an existing home, you’ll want our help. We understand all of the applicable building codes and have the equipment and knowledge necessary to provide you with fast, easy egress window cutting.

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Egress Windows are Required by Law

At Accurate Concrete Cutting and Drilling LLC, we offer egress window cutting services that adhere to all applicable building codes. Our team understands that building codes for egress windows must be followed for both new construction and installation in an existing foundation or building. In fact, any windows that are replaced in an older home, must adhere to current building codes.

Throughout the United States, almost all building codes and standards are set by the International Code Council (ICC). The ICC building codes — including the International Residential Code (IRC) — are updated every three years and have are designed to ensure that new buildings and newly remodeled buildings are safe for those who occupy them. IRC Section R310 addresses the requirement for egress windows.

Referring to the requirements for egress windows, the IRC states that “basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening.” There is, however, an exception in place for basements that are smaller than 200 square feet and used solely for housing mechanical equipment.

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Egress Windows Legal Size Requirements

Under IRC Section R310, all egress windows must meet certain size requirements. These size requirements apply to the size of the window opening, not the overall window size, and must be met when the window is in the full open position. Here are some of the legal size requirements for egress windows under the current IRC:


  • Minimum Sill Height: The bottom sill of an egress window cannot be more than 44 inches above the floor. This is to ensure that the window is accessible in an emergency.
  • Minimum Opening Area: Most egress windows must have at least 5.7 square feet of clear opening when fully open. The only exception to this is for ground floor egress openings which must have at least 5 square feet of clear opening.
  • Minimum Opening Width: Openings must be at least 20 inches in width.
  • Minimum Opening Height: Openings must be at least 24 inches in height.
  • Minimum Window Well Size: Egress windows that open below ground level must open into a window well that is at least 9 square feet in size, and cannot be smaller than 36 inches on any one side. All egress window wells must allow the window to be fully opened.

Ladder/Steps Depth Requirement: If the window well is deeper than 44 inches, it must be equipped with a permanent ladder or steps that are accessible when the window is fully open.

Other Egress Window Legal Requirements

  • Egress windows must open directly onto a public road or alley, or a yard or court that has access to a public road or alley.
  • All egress windows have to be easily openable from the inside “without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge.”
  • Window well coverings for egress windows must meet the same opening size requirements as egress windows and be easily released or removed from the inside “without the use of a key, tool, special knowledge or force greater than that which is required for normal operation of the escape and rescue opening.”

While not common, emergency escape windows can be installed under porches or decks as long as the positioning allows the window to be fully opened and a path of at least 36 inches in height provides access to a yard or court.

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Egress Window Cutting by Accurate Concrete Cutting

Because most basements in the area are constructed of heavy materials like concrete or cinder block, cutting egress windows yourself can be a difficult and dangerous undertaking. Here at Accurate Concrete Cutting, we specialize in both residential and commercial concrete cutting, supply, and construction. That means that our team is specially trained to provide you with fast, safe egress window cutting.

We service areas throughout Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming, so Contact Us Today to find out if our egress window cutting services are right for you!