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A core drill is used to bore a hole through concrete in the core drilling process. Unlike other methods of drilling, during core drilling the material inside the hole is removed intact. This cylindrical “core” may be used to create cement columns.

Most cement core drills use a core drill bit made with diamond. The diamond core drill bit ensures that the machine will be effective and durable. Using a core drill requires more than just quality equipment, it requires the skills of a professional concrete cutting operator.  Give us a call for your core drilling needs! 

Diamond Core Drill Bits

What Are The Types Of Core Drills?

Mount Type:

Hand Held Core Drills:

It can be difficult to control a large drill without a mount. Therefore, hand held drills are typically used for smaller core drilling jobs.

Intermediate Drills:

Intermediate drills can be used as either with or without a mount. Typically, they are used for projects that involve drilling a core larger than three inches in diameter.

Mounted Core Drills:

Mounted core drills are used for larger holes. The mount ensures that the drill remains stable in the core drilling process.

Source Of Energy:

Air Powered Drills:

Many drills for drilling a core are powered by air. However, most of them require a sizable compressor.

Electric Drills:

Many core drills are powered by standard electrical current. These are the most common core drills on the market and will work form most core drilling applications. 

Hydraulic Core Drills:

If you are going to do some core drilling underwater, it is best to use a hydraulic drill. In addition, hydraulic drills are often best for drilling a core that are more than 72 inches wide. While they’re not difficult to find, they aren’t anywhere near as common as electric drills.


Single Speed:

Many core drills operate at one speed only.

Variable Speed:

Some core drills can operate at a variety of speeds. Variable speed core drills are often preferable to allow for greater control while core drilling.

Handheld Core Drilling

What To Look For In A Core Drill:

It’s essential that you choose a high quality concrete bit. The specific type of bit that you’ll need depends on the concrete that you’ll be drilling into.

What Safety Equipment Is Needed For Drilling A Core In Concrete?

It’s essential to wear safety goggles during concrete core drilling. In addition, you’ll need to have hearing protection. Furthermore, you will need to wear gloves. It’s also advised that you wear a hard hat while using a concrete core drill.

You should avoid wearing loose clothing. Loose clothing could get caught in the machine and cause injury. Also, make sure that there is no grease on your gloves.

Core drilling a concrete floor

Ensuring The Drill Is Safe To Operate:

It’s important to make sure that the drill is safe to operate. Make sure that the vacuum seal isn’t worn out. Additionally, check to make sure that the power cord isn’t damaged. If you notice any broken parts, it’s essential to not use the machine until the parts are repaired.

Clean any grease off of the machine. Grease can cause the drill to slip and cause injury.

It’s also important to lubricate the machine as needed. Furthermore, never use parts that aren’t intended for the machine.

Also, make sure that the cutting bit is sufficiently sharp. If you don’t select the right diamond bit for the concrete you’re drilling into, this can result in a significant amount of wear in a short time period. If wear occurs quickly, the bit can become worn without you noticing.

It’s important to never force the diamond drill bit. Also, be cautious when drilling through floors and keep your fingers away from the bit. Always ensure that the drill stand is securely in place. Also, use caution when releasing the carriage handle.

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