Wire Sawing

Cutting Concrete with Wire Saws

With recent technological advances, concrete wire sawing has become the choice of many contractors worldwide for cutting concrete in confined or difficult spaces. Accurate Concrete Cutting and Drilling LLC is no exception. To date, they have employed this technology on numerous projects throughout southeast Idaho and Wyoming.

The first-generation concrete wire saw, initially used to cut rock in quarries, has advanced over the years to a multi-stranded braided cable (minimum 1/4 inch in diameter) embedded with diamond beading. Depending on the manufacturer, the cables vary considerably as to how the diamond grit is embedded in them. With the introduction of this stronger and more abrasive cabling, the wire saw is able to efficiently cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

Wire Sawing - wire sawing technician

Due to its simple design, concrete of any size or shape can be cut with a wire saw where traditional saws cannot reach. The wire saw even has the ability to cut through concrete submerged in water. It utilizes a system of pulleys with a drive wheel. After the cable has been wrapped around the concrete, it is threaded through a series of pulleys to create a continuous loop. When the saw is powered up, it tensions the cable and enables it to spin up to speeds of 60 mph. This combination of spinning wire and constant pulling easily cuts through both the concrete and steel reinforcement. Since cable length is not an issue, wire sawing can be performed at any depth. In addition, wire saws can cut in any direction, whether vertical or horizontal. This enables thick sections of heavily reinforced concrete to be easily removed from piers, towers, bridge sections, concrete retaining walls and steel-encased concrete supports.

There are several other advantages of concrete wire sawing as listed below.

* Less waste is produced since the thin cable cuts the narrowest kerf, or slit, in the concrete as compared to other sawing methods.
* The small diameter cable allows for the most precise cut available.
* Due to its versatility, it can be more cost effective than using traditional cutting methods.
* The environmental impact is decreased since abrasive fluids and slurry materials are not needed.
* Vibration and noise levels are reduced in comparison to other sawing methods.

As detailed below, concrete wire sawing does have some disadvantages.

* The wire has an increased chance of breaking since it loses effectiveness as the diamond abrasive is worn off. Therefore, the sawing time for the last cut may take much longer than for the first cut. Diamond cabling usually lasts about six cuts before it wears out.
* If there are any imperfections on the surface of the concrete, then they could cause the thin cable to wobble slightly. This could produce an error in the cut.

Due to its versatility, concrete wire sawing may be the ideal solution for your next challenging project. For this and all your concrete cutting needs, contact Accurate Concrete Cutting and Drilling LLC. Their team of concrete cutting experts will recommend the optimum course of action to complete your project in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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