Wall Sawing Services

Wall Sawing Services Based in Rexburg, Idaho

The term wall sawing refers to using specially designed equipment to precisely penetrate wall structures. These custom services are necessary when walls are made from any of a variety of tough materials including precast concrete, steel reinforced concrete, masonry, and metal.

Due to the heavy nature of many of the materials being cut through, wall sawing can be difficult and dangerous for those who haven’t been properly trained. Accurate Concrete Cutting and Drilling LLC provides safe, professional Services for both commercial and residential construction jobs throughout Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming.

We use a range of specialty equipment designed for use on vertical surfaces to create new openings for doorways, windows, HVAC systems, and more. The construction of most buildings can not be completed without these types of openings, so wall sawing is generally one of the most critical steps in any construction process. When it’s done right, it can even save you time and effort during installation.

In order to efficiently create clean, finished openings for you, a variety of tools are generally necessary. Our team will inspect the surfaces to be cut and determine the best combination of techniques to create the wall openings that you need. This may include a track-mounted circular saw and a variety of handheld saws specially designed for cutting through tough wall materials.

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Wall Sawing Applications

Wall sawing is generally considered to be a form of controlled demolition because part of the wall is technically destroyed. This type of demolition is classified as controlled because wall sawing does not break through a wall haphazardly. Instead, our technicians make precise cuts to your exact specifications to create custom sized openings. Once completed, you are left with smooth, finished wall openings that are ready for door, window, or HVAC installation, generally without additional finishing work.

Most of our wall sawing is completed using a variety of specialized saws that can be used to cut both vertically and horizontally through almost any type of wall material. In fact, our precision measurements and high quality machinery allow us to create perfectly sized openings through walls of almost any depth. Our services can be used for a variety of applications, including those listed below.

Wall Sawing Services by Accurate Concrete Cutting

Here at Accurate Concrete Cutting, we are proud to offer high quality wall sawing services throughout Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming. We combine a variety of advanced technologies with our proven processes to make sure that we complete your wall sawing quickly and accurately. Don’t waste another minute wondering, Contact Us Today to find out if our services are right for you!

Typical Wall Sawing Applications

  • Creating smooth, finished openings in walls, floors, and ceilings for the installation of windows, doors, skylights, and HVAC systems
  • Cutting accurately sized openings for installation the installation of a variety of different fixtures
  • Using bevel cutting to create chamfered edges in concrete surfaces
  • Cutting protruding objects flush against the wall surface