Concrete Sealing

Protect and Strengthen with Concrete Sealing

Have you sealed in your concrete yet? Whether you have simple gray concrete, colored concrete, or a combination, concrete sealant keeps your walkways, floors, and driveways from deteriorating over time. Sealing your concrete is like waxing a car or slathering on sunscreen. Once you have this high-quality protection, you prevent cracking, discoloration, and erosion.

What Does Concrete Sealant Do

Sealing your concrete will make it more resistant to water, grease, weather exposure, salt water, deterioration, abrasion, and oil stains. The chemicals in the sealant also make it easier to clean concrete after it has been sealed. This is why some concrete can be easily hosed down to clean while others need high-powered pressure washers.

Getting Started with Concrete Sealing

Preparation is key for our team. Precise application means cleaning the surface with high-powered tools. Our team will remove dirt, stains, grease, oil, and debris before applying any concrete sealant. Surface preparation is just the starting point, but it has to be perfect in order for the sealant to take hold and solidify into a beautiful finished product.

We also take care to remove any previous sealant. If you have already sealed your concrete once before, our team can use teals to make sure that we remove other brands of sealer before using our high-quality sealant. This is necessary as the products may not be compatible. Our team uses an etching solution to get the best adhesion and quality for our concrete projects.

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